Grace + Yi Jing

Is the tight security of Singapore our ultimate downfall in the fight against terrorism?

the problem

Despite our strong external defence, Singapore is still vulnerable against terrorist attacks from the inside - lone wolf attacks - something external defence cannot protect against. These attacks are only preventable through our own vigilance and awareness.

How vigilant are youths in spotting and intercepting potential threats of terror before it is too late?

the challenge

How do we make youths realise that upholding their own safety is their own responsibility in respect to terrorism, regardless of environment or circumstance?

the insight

Youths have always been living in a safe environment and have yet to experience a successful terrorist attack.

They have the mentality that the government and security forces are enough to ensure their safety and protect them against terrorism.

Youths are complacent towards the threat of terror.

the solution

Safehaven attempts to represent the lurking dangers within Singapore’s society with a blanket fort.

Complacency is the backdoor to terrorism. Take responsibility.

Taking the form of a blanket fort, Safehaven presents our society as what youths deem to be the most comfortable and safest – built to be perfect in their minds.

The catch: blanket forts are vulnerable being built of makeshift items, just like how our society can fall if we are not vigilant enough.

into safety

Complete with cushions, warm lights, blankets and cartoon videos, Safehaven lures the unsuspecting user into an environment of warmth, safety and bliss.

The user gets comfortable inside; sitting on the seat cushions and viewing the cartoon footage – the ultimate childhood hideout.

lurking dangers

Unsuspecting of the dangers lurking within the fort(society), the user is first startled into shock and suspicion with the lights flickering – “Is there something going on in here?”

The tension further heightens with the seemingly innocent cartoon video glitching into another footage – of terrorists, chaos and destruction – destroying the safe atmosphere of the fort.

Finally, the shock and suspicion reaches a peak with a beeping timer sounding from somewhere within the tent.

The elements tear down the illusion of the fort being safe, getting the user to rethink their opinion of our society’s safety. The lurking danger is only awaiting the opportunity to strike.